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Learn More about 3D Printable STL files

The 3D Printable STL files can be imported into your 3D printing slicing software for use with 3D printing technologies. Digitally distributed STL files are in a "Standard Tessellation Language" format with a polycount of less than 200,000 triangles and it is commonly used with many 3D printing technologies.

Several 3D printing technologies already exists in the market and therefore, CADSPARC does not provide any warranty about the 3D Printable STL models, and does not guarantee that the 3D Printable STL model will be fit for a particular application or that it will be compatible with your unique printer.


Among Us.PNG
Among Us 3D Printed.PNG

Example of 3D Printable STL using Web/AR

Example of 3D Printed part using a 3D Printer

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