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Disclaimer & Design Advertising


CADSPARC LLC maintains this website to provide general information about the firm and the services that it provides to its clients. The information on this website is not intended as engineering-related design advice, and persons receiving this information should not act on it without consulting professional engineering-related design advice counsel. CADSPARC neither accepts requests for engineering-related design advice nor offers engineering-related design advice via its website.

CADSPARC LLC does not enter into an engineer-client relationship with any online reader via online contact. Instead, an engineer-client relationship can be formed with the firm only by personal contact with an individual engineer, followed by a determination that the firm is willing and able to accept the representation. Until an engineer-client relationship is formed by completing these steps, any information sent to CADSPARC LLC via this Web site will not necessarily be treated by the firm as confidential, unless the sender is a pre-existing client of the firm.

The state bar association(s), licensing, or accredited higher-education of each of the engineers identified in-person or on this Web site are specifically set forth upon an engineer-client relationship; CADSPARC LLC does not practice engineering-related design in any jurisdiction except those in which its engineers are licensed or in which they are otherwise permitted to practice by applicable rules. For the creation of basic designs without any structural or engineering implications, a college degree or relevant training in 3D modeling software by the engineer(s) is usually sufficient to render our services.

The laws, rules and regulations referenced are subject to revision and interpretation, and the materials on this website may not reflect the most current versions of them. In addition, engineering-related design advice cannot be rendered in general because the application of engineering depends in large part on the particular facts of each individual project. As a result, the computer aided design and drafting (CADD), engineering-related design, blueprints, or accomplishments described in these materials should not be assumed an indication of future results. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

To the extent that links within this website lead to other sites, CADSPARC does not assume any responsibility for those other sites, nor does it endorse, sponsor or approve their contents.

This website is © CADSPARC LLC. Permission is granted to view, store, print, and distribute any pages within this Web site provided that: (a) none of the pages are modified; and (b) this page is included with any distribution. The principal office of CADSPARC LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company, is located in the heart of Downtown Haverhill. While permission is granted for any pages within this Web site, additional Licensing Terms can be found via

You may reproduce materials at this site for your personal use and for non-commercial distribution. All copies must include the copyright notice. By proceeding, you agree to CADSPARC's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



In accordance with notice regulations under relevant ethics laws of Massachusetts and other states regarding design firm websites, contents of this site may be considered engineering-related design advertising.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

If you have any questions, for purposes of engineering-related design advertising rules, please contact:

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